About SHS

About School of Health Sciences

At the School of Health Sciences [SHS], University of Management & Technology, we are preparing the next generation of exceptional leaders in health care. We are achieving this by embracing a spirit of inquiry and innovation in education and research in all of our academic programs.

At SHS, we use interdisciplinary approach, innovative and technology-driven teaching methodology and world class clinical and lab facilities to provide our students an amazing learning experience.

A low student-to-faculty ratio helps to ensure that students achieve academic success within a rigorous and supportive environment. The students are immersed in multidisciplinary, collaborative model of study early and experience hands-on real-life environment right from the beginning of their course work.

SHS offers a wide range of Undergraduate and Graduate programs in health sciences across a wide spectrum of fields. Presently, programs in Physiotherapy, Biomedical Laboratory Sciences, Health Management, Public Health, Imaging & Radiation Sciences, Ultrasonography and Nutrition Sciences are being offered. At SHS, we aim to develop highly skilled and compassionate professionals in their chosen careers who aspire to the highest standards of professional integrity and ethics.

Apart from teaching, we also perform other main functions as part of the University of Management and Technology. These include:

  • Identifying new and emerging areas in the field of medicine and health sciences.
  • Planning and development of new academic modules and degree programmes according to the identified need.
  • Planning and Development of world-class healthcare facilities such as Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Centres, Tertiary-level Diagnostic Laboratory and Radiological Service Centres.
  • Serving as a resource centre and knowledge base in the area of public health, preventive care, nutrition, and disease prevention.
  • Undertaking research on important and pressing health issues facing Pakistan.
  • Developing effective and implementable policy tools and interventions to address important health issues at the country, regional and global level.
  • Development of a Tertiary-Level Teaching University Hospital and affiliated medical school at UMT. 

With state-of-the-art clinical skills facilities, the School of Health Sciences is a place where students, academics and practitioners come to learn, share and develop their skills.

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