Department of Nutrition and Dietetics


Nutrition sciences has evolved as one of allied health sciences offering its services in preventive as well as therapeutic domains. With the recent surge in health consciousness of general public, more people are recognizing the link between diet and overall quality of life and functionality in the society. In this regard the rising demand for nutritional advice, education, and research to inform nutrition policy through evidence based platforms should not come as a surprise.

In the program that we offer at the Department of Nutrition Science, UMT, students learn to apply the principles of nutrition science to clinical nutrition as well as public health nutrition. Upon completion of degree, students have the option to further pursue their careers as Registered Dieticians (RD) – a prestigious certification from USA. In addition to serving as a clinical professional, the students have an option to pursue career in the public health field. Public health nutrition and nutritional epidemiology are among the highly sought after professions of preventive allied health sciences. Preventive sciences have great importance in this era of high burden of malnutrition, nutrition related chronic diseases, and escalating health care costs. Public health nutritionists can warrant economic and social benefits to the society by working on improving the nutritional and health status of communities and populations as a whole. Dietitians and Nutritionists are those professionals who also work directly with the patients ensuring maintenance of their health status, early recovery, mobility, and improving their quality of life through dietary interventions.

What are the prospects for graduates?

Students who are interested in life sciences, believe in diversity of profession, want a professional career that is more than a job and also wish to make a difference in people’s life should adopt this profession. After completing this degree, students may work as clinical nutritionist, dietitian, public health nutritionist, community nutritionist, sports nutritionist, and food researcher and scientist. They may also work with different NGOs working for improving health of the general public.


The mission of the nutrition program at UMT is to produce qualified Nutritionists and Dietitians who can work in clinical settings, preventive fields or in collaboration with food industries to deliver innovative, research-based interventions and service programs which promote health by altering meal patterns and food choices.


We envision to prepare our students to promote health and well-being of our society through effective application of nutrition knowledge along with building professionals with robust ethical insight.

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