Department of Clinical Services


At the School of Health Sciences [SHS], University of Management & Technology, we are preparing the next generation of exceptional leaders in health care. We are achieving this by embracing a spirit of inquiry and innovation in education and research in all of our academic programs. At SHS, we use interdisciplinary approach, innovative and technology-driven teaching methodology and world class clinical and lab facilities to provide our students an amazing learning experience. The department of Clinical Services is a recently established entity which is responsible to plan and conduct the Supervised Clinical Practice (SCP) of the students at the attached hospitals of School of Health Sciences and along with that to systematically conduct the assessments and exams of the students in terms of their clinical skills. Students undergo rigorous training to shape their clinical skills under the supervision of of qualified and dedicated faculty who give clinical demonstration, supervise the patient-to-doctor interaction being done by the students and conduct their clinical assessments. Students undergo an experience of a lifetime when they polish their clinical skills in real time which not only is necessary for their professional training but also for their future clinical practice.


The mission of Clinical Services department is to train and make qualified students who will in future be professional in their approach and conduct with their patients with an essence of humanity, because the field of medicine and being a medical professional is one of the most noble professions since time, and our mission is the same to produce professionally qualified and humble medical professions who will make their name in this world.


The aim of Clinical Supervision at SHS is to deliver quality care to patients by developing professional expertise and skills. Clinical Supervision supports practice and helps healthcare practitioners to maintain and improve standards by reflecting and working out workable strategies for future work. Because of this, Clinical Supervision is central to the process of lifelong learning and the benefits of clinical supervision outweigh its costs.

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