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Oral examination Viva Voce - Fall Semester 2014

Friday, August 05, 2016

Oral examination (Viva Voce - Fall Semester 2014) for the subjects of (SHS.101) Anatomy-I, (SHS.102) Physiology-I and (SHS.103) Biochemistry & Genetics-I will be held from 16th to 20th February 2015 (Monday to Friday).
Instructions for Students:

Course covered till 13th Feb. 2015 shall be included in this examination.
Exact time and date for every student will be notified by 15th Feb 2015.
This Examination shall consist of:

  1. Spotting,
  2. Identification of a specimen or bone or any of its marking, and
  3. Short Descriptive note on any subject/topic - followed by 5-10 minutes of Viva.

- 15 minutes will be given for spotting - where students will have 10 stations -and at each station, any one of the following can be given:

  1. a specimen – for identification
  2. a bone or a marking
  3. a short question  
  • Following the spotting, students will come for the Viva - which will be conducted by a panel of at least two faculty members.
  • Total marks for the Oral Examination (Viva Voce) will be 50 - Spotting will be of 20 marks, and oral exam will be of 30 marks.
  • Passing marks shall be 60%

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