Department of Basic Medical Sciences


Basic medical sciences is one of the sub departments of School of Health Sciences. We make the foundation for understanding of the clinical teaching and training. A major portion of the first 4 semesters covers anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and principles of community health. At SHS, we use interdisciplinary approach, innovative and technology-driven teaching methodology and world class clinical and lab facilities to provide our students an amazing learning experience. Students undergo rigorous training to shape their clinical skills under the supervision of of qualified and dedicated faculty who give clinical demonstration, supervise the patient-to-doctor interaction being done by the students and conduct their clinical assessments. Students undergo an experience of a lifetime when they polish their clinical skills in real time which not only is necessary for their professional training but also for their future clinical practice.


Our aim is to provide every student with a strong foundation in the basic disciplines of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, making them proficient and leading them to excel in para clinical and clinical aspects of their respective degree programs.


Our mission is to introduce postgraduate programs in the following subjects:

  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Anatomy
  • Lab pathology
  • Pharmacology

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